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- It costs less to install:

A regular outside pool costs in the range of 35,000 to 50,000, or even more!
Our standard RIVER product sells for $20,500 plus $3,900 installation, plus shipping, in addition to possible site preparation costs (*).


- It costs less to maintain:

Our pool contains one tenth of the amount of water, thus you will be saving in heating, filtering, water treatment and overall maintenance costs.

The surface area of the River pool is only 8' x 15' (120sqft). This is the most relevant factor in the calculations of heat loss. Compare with a 18' x 24' pool size(432sqft). In addition to the other factors (amount of water, heat loss through the walls, etc.) this means that (in similar environmental conditions) your cost of heating a River pool is one fifth to one eight the cost of heating a regular pool (Click Here to see heating cost estimates).

Finally, since a River pool can be put inside, cost savings with respect to an outside pool are not even in the same order of magnitude: Ten to twenty times less in heating costs, ten times less in water treatment and filtering, no dirt accumulated in the winter, etc.


(*) SITE PREPARATION COSTS (Your responsibility):

- When the River pool is installed inside, you may not need much preparation, if it's installed in an existing basement or garage, keeping your overall costs below $30,000 (Approximate estimate, including installation, taxes and shipping to locations reachable within one day drive from North Alabama).
However, if you want to create a special sunroom for your River pool, then obviously you have to budget for those costs. The good news is that a new room with an indoor pool will raise the re-sale value of your property in proportion to your renovation expenses!

- When installed outside, you need to pour a 12' x 24' cement slab and add a cover for the mechanical area. You may also want to add insulation and finishing panels (or other finishing) around the pool.