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More horsepower
The power of a motor is usually measured in "horsepowers" (hp).
The competition offers a 5hp motor with their standard product.
This is upgradable (for a price) to 7.5hp.
Our River pool comes with a standard
10hp motor.

Why do they stop at 7.5hp?
Because with a single phase electrical service (what normally is available in a household) the biggest motors reasonably efficient are 7.5hp.

Bigger motors used in the industry are 3-phase motors.

In our design, we chose to use an expensive electronic device to convert your single phase service to 3-phase. Thus we can operate a 10hp 3-phase motor without requiring a 3-phase service.


A 3-phase motor is inherently more efficient, especially when used below its maximum potential. This translates in MORE POWER and lower cost of operation for you.


Further design advantages:

We chose to use a big 18" diameter pipe as a return channel for the water to return to the front of the pool. This pipe is under the pool bench.
This allows for more water to be moved at parity of power used.

- We also chose to use a centrifugal propeller. Water pumps are centrifugal, because this is the most efficient way to move fluids. This allows for more water to be moved at parity of power used.

- We chose to use a standard industrial electric motor operating in "dry" conditions and expected to run uninterrupted for 50 years (as opposed to an underwater motor). This translates in much lower costs of maintenance and "more power for the buck".