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We are proud to announce a new, compact, self-contained system which can be applied to any existing pool! See: www.RiverXP.com

A swimming treadmill: Swim "in place" while the water flow moves towards you, like a river.

The water flow adjusts to the swimmer's speed.


A regular outside pool costs in the range of 35,000 to 50,000, or even more!

Our RIVER pool is available in selected areas. Our RiverXP is available anywhere.

The cost of the RIVER model, including the pool structure, the mechanical, the electrical and the electronics, is $20,900 plus $3,900 installation, plus shipping.  It will cost you much less than a regular pool in maintenance and you will use it all year round.

Why spend more for a regular pool?
(Initial cost + maintenance cost = headache)

The RIVER pool  =  less cost + more enjoyment

We take care of the installation:
Pool structure, Under-water bench, Propulsion system, Valves, Distributor, Motor, Liner, Pumps, Heater, Filtering system, Plumbing, Sensors, Jets, Ladder and other options, Electrical and Electronic connections, Control panel. 
We don't just ship the parts to you!

Installation includes a FREE Pool Blanket.
Shipping is also FREE within certain areas.

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A challenge for you:
Buy a RIVER and sponsor a child.

The RIVER pool:

The FERRARI of Swimming Treadmills.

- Electronically controlled water flow
- 10HP motor: guaranteed for life
- Centrifugal propeller: guaranteed for life
- For your Health, Fitness and Fun

Would you settle for a Japanese import,  if you could own a FERRARI for the same price?



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